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​Martin​ ​OMalley​ ​to​ ​speak​ ​in​ ​Walla​ ​Walla

Photo of Martin O'Malley by Andrew Burton/Getty Images.
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Walla Walla will be the host of Martin O’Malley, the former Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore, and a 2016 Presidential candidate. O’Malley will be in Walla Walla on Saturday, November 4th for a 10am fundraising event at the Courtyard by Marriott sponsored by the 16th Legislative District Democrats.

“I’m excited to visit Walla Walla. Progress is a choice. We must win back our states to win back our country and I’m eager to talk about that choice on November 4th,” O’Malley said.

O’Malley served two terms as Governor of Maryland from 2007-2015. Prior to that, he served two terms as the Mayor of Baltimore. Often referred to as “the best manager in government today,” O’Malley has been recognized for his skillful leadership in Maryland and his success in implementing critical progressive priorities such as raising the minimum wage, signing marriage equality into law, abolishing the death penalty and passing the DREAM Act to provide in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants.

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Under his leadership, Maryland’s public schools were ranked #1 nationally for an unprecedented five years in a row. The US Chamber of Commerce also named Maryland #1 in entrepreneurship and innovation for three years in a row. As Mayor, he was awarded the “Innovations in Government Award” from the Harvard Kennedy School and in 2009, Governing Magazine named O’Malley the “Public Official of the Year.”

O’Malley also signed the state’s first climate change legislation, putting the state on a path to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025. In 2016, O’Malley ran for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States, and many of his policy proposals — on climate, public safety, and immigration reform — became part of the most progressive Democratic Party platform in history. He and his wife, Judge Katie Curran O’Malley live in Baltimore and have four children.

“We are thrilled to have someone of the stature of Governor O’Malley visiting our district.” said Richard Evans, Chairman of the 16th LD Democrats. “It’s important for the growing number of people who identify with the Democratic party and progressive politics in our region to know that their voices matter a great deal to the future of our area, our state, and our country. Hearing from Governor O’Malley will drive that home.”

More details about the event, including tickets, are available from the 16th Legislative District Democrats.

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